F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security Free License 12 months / 5 devices.

F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security offers real-time protects for your digital world against malware, hackers and identity theft. Full protection for web browsing, online shopping, bank transactions, social media. The solution contains Parental control so you and your children are protected from dangerous and inappropriate sites.

Now F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security is free for the limited time, visit this giveaway page , complete the form on the right pages and get F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security free for 1 year / 5 devices.

F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security Giveaway

  1. Sri Harsha Satish 2 years ago

    We Must Use Vpn to United states for first time Otherwise It wont Work… They Are Copying your Email Address in your First Attempt if there is no Vpn…. Next time It Wont Work even though u activated with vpn

  2. Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

    It doesnt work with vpn also. Tried 3 different mail. If someone knows how to do it, pls mail me ( mrt.net@hotmail.com )

    • adnan 1 year ago

      perhaps promotion is no longer valid

  3. Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

    i m using opera browser with including vpn in itself. i created account also look into it. 30 days trial i have now. but when go to giveaway page, it still says ” This campaign is not available in your country. ” How do they know my country with vpn?

    • adnan 1 year ago

      I am Romanian, when the promotion appeared we benefited without vpn, now that I have tested I have the same problem as you

  4. adnan 1 year ago

    This promo requires UK – IP address, so use a VPN and set the IP address or VPN server to Great Britain or England.

    • Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

      i did all.. it doesnt work.. i real other forums about this.. It doesnt matter how many mail u used.. it always shows the first mail in login. Once you tried wrong , there isnt any chance i suppose. Maybe there is a solution but nobody share that in this forum..

  5. Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

    Finally it worked ..
    – first i cleaned browser
    – then i got vpn with UK
    – with new mail address
    – now i got trial for one year
    But i m not gonna use it anyway.. this seems tricky for an AV, or just they dont care about safety , it shouldnt be that much easy to get someth like this..
    – for example Kaspersky has such as campagins for ASUS Rog laptops for one year ..i coudnt get that one

    • Author
      Anna Maria 1 year ago

      thanks for this valuable information!

      are you really mechanical?? 🙂

      • Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

        yes. i m mechanical engineer. thats just my job. My name is Murat ))

        • Author
          Anna Maria 1 year ago

          okay, engineer
          come with us https://www.mocasoft.net/register/

          I also had a problem with my car, there was a sound on the gearbox, I wanted to fix it, but eventually the mechanic recommended me to change the gearbox 🙂

          • Mechanical Engineer 1 year ago

            Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately one you break the heart of car.. it never be same as before. They has feelings. be careful with that

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