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    Anna Maria

    This version provides the Start Package from the shop.
    You will receive a [Worldly Tree] that gives 1 Happy Seed per hour and a bundle of 80 [Happy Seeds]!

    Furry friends enter Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest and eventually graduate! You are the owner of the garden!

    How will you treat the animals during their year-long stay in your garden?
    When it’s time for your fur-iends to graduate, will you be able to smile and let them go?

    Come play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a relaxing simulation game where you can look after the cutest animals!

    ♥♥Game Features♥♥
    ▶This game was critically acclaimed for a reason! This relaxing game was the 2017 BIC winner!
    ▶ Have fun with unique animals living in a forest garden!
    ▶ Are you ready to meet the furriest, funniest animals on the planet?
    – A binge-watcher Fox!
    – A gloomy Panda?
    – A fawning Fennec Fox?
    – A super laid-back Sloth?
    ▶ An emotional graduation day Say goodbye to your graduating animals!
    ▶ Play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a truly heartwarming and relaxing game!

    Giveaway Page: link

    Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons (Start Pack Edition) free

    Note: that promotions may expire at any time!! 🙂

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