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    Anna Maria

    GPG4O is a security add-on for Microsoft Outlook that enables encryption for e-mails in MS Outlook.

    Not just enabling you to encrypt, the plugin lets you decrypt, sign and verify messages and their attachments.

    gpg4o uses GnuPG, a free encryption software, following the OpenPGP standard.

    GPG4O implements the OpenPGP standard through GnuPG. It is available for Outlook 2010 โ€“ 2016 and focuses on simple handling and good integration into Outlook. It also provides special features for commercial usage.

    Almost daily we exchange sensitive to confidential data which you share with other people and/or companies. Examples include: Information with regard to projects, personal data about employees and other people, data about your tax declaration which you send to your tax accountant and much more.

    Giveaway Page: link

    Note: that promotions may expire at any time!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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