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    Discover all the fixed speedcams, mobile speed traps, radars and red light speed cameras with this map!

    The map has one fixed speed camera database and another dynamic radar database built by all the community users. Every user can contribute reporting its own speed camera or radar location that will be displayed on the map of all the active users of the app.


    -Map with speed cameras, speed traps, radars and traffic light cameras
    -Search address and navigation
    -Routes and navigation with speed cameras warnings
    -Integration with google maps
    -Background mode
    -Your zone: View your speed cameras and review others speed cameras

    The detector without map can be downloaded here:


    At the top of the maps there are some buttons with different functions:

    -Map: Choose the kind of speed camera or radar you want to display. The speed cameras are clustered in small balls for speed reasons. If you want to display the speed cameras, just zoom in.

    -Navigation: Draw a route and navigate. Get warnings when you are close to a radar.

    -Search: Search an address

    -GPS: Track your position. Car mode. Speedometer. Speed Camera and radars warnings

    -Background: Run the application in background with receive real time radar warnings

    -Settings: Configure the application

    -Zoom: Show your position

    -My User Zone: Show the social zone.

    -Report speed camera: Submit a point on your position that will be seen by all the app community. All radars must be checked by the community

    Install free aplcation, visit this Magazin Play link:
    and Select settings and then navigate to promotional code.
    Enter promo code VERANO19

    Note that promotions may expire at any time!
    Don't forget to give credit to

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