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    How to Start a Podcast – Podcasting Made Easy
    What you’ll learn
    Learn How to Make a Podcast
    Publish a new episode in less than 15 minutes (not including recording and editing time)
    Set up your own popular Podcast show
    The Secret to Ranking on iTunes, the 800 Pound Gorilla of Podcasting
    Discover How iTunes and Apple can Send Millions of Podcast Listeners to Your Show
    Discover How to Build a Fanatic Following of Fabulous Friends
    How to Choose the Right Microphone For Your Show
    How to Conduct Interviews Across the Globe


    The Complete Instagram Marketing Course – 6 Courses In 1
    What you’ll learn
    Grow Instagram followers
    Create viral Instagram posts
    How to use Instagram from your computer
    How to increase your Instagram engagement
    The one amazing tool for growing followers handsfree

    Digital Marketing Masterclass:Get Your First 1,000 Customers
    What you’ll learn
    Understand the basics of growth marketing and traction channels
    Drill down on customer pain points and build user personas
    Align marketing channels with their personal preferences and skills
    Use Twitter and Facebook to conduct research and sales outreach
    Canvas Reddit, Meetup, and other platforms to canvas for customers
    Set up, manage, and analyze user stats & behaviors through Google Analytics
    Successfully drive sales through posting & commenting on Reddit, ProductHunt, & HackerNews
    Set up, populate, and use an Instagram account
    Market using 3 different techniques on Instagram
    Set up, populate, and use a Snapchat account
    Market using 4 different techniques on SnapChat
    Build and maintain a press list
    Strategize angles for pitching and being covered by press
    Understand the mentality and mindset behind press & journalists
    Successfully manage relationships with press and pitch them successfully
    Build a comprehensive content marketing plan
    Build and maintain a content calendar
    Use 5 different techniques for coming up with blog & content ideas
    Promote their content through 6 different strategies
    Employ the skyscraper technique successfully
    Find, track, and land guest posting spots on other blogs and outlets
    Plan, script, and produce videos for marketing
    Analyze and track video marketing metrics
    Decide which camera equipment fits their budget and needs the best
    Effectively combine video marketing with pre-existing content
    Strategize and produce videos for marketing on YouTube
    Build landing pages for email or lead capture
    Understand the best practices of creating and promoting lead magnets, like webinars & white papers
    Analyze your on site SEO factors and optimize them
    Conduct keyword research for SEO opportunities
    Manage keyword density and other metrics needed for ranking on Google
    Design, plan, and start advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook
    Analyze & understand search engine marketing & social ad marketing metrics

    Instagram Stories Masterclass – How to rock Insta Stories

    What you’ll learn
    to use stories grow your Instagram followers
    to grow the amount of story followers
    to create unique and outstanding story content
    to built a personal brand using Instagram Stories
    All the secret Instagram story tricks like using new fonts, hiding hashtags, …


    The Social Media Marketing Mega Bundle – 7 Courses In 1
    What you’ll learn
    Define the perfect Facebook audience to target.
    How to get more clicks to Facebook advertising pictures.
    How to grow Twitter followers in 3 easy steps.
    How to automate Twitter posting (for free).
    How to grow Pinterest followers (starting from scratch).
    How to optimize YouTube videos for more clicks, leads, and sales.
    How to quickly and easily resize images for social media.


    How to Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds
    What you’ll learn
    How to generate Passive Income streams and work from anywhere in the world


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