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    What you’ll learn
    Includes CC 2018 & CC 2019 Updates!
    You’ll be comfortable navigating Photoshop, creating new projects, designing how you imagine, and saving it for any purpose.
    You’ll learn the essential tools for editing and manipulating images.
    You’ll learn how to use the layers panel including creating and editing layer masks.
    You’ll know how to edit photos (both RAW and compressed images) with a variety of tools and non-destructive methods.
    You’ll learn how to select and edit just parts of your image with a number of selection tools.
    You’ll know how to retouch photos to remove blemishes, fix red-eye, whiten teeth, and more.
    You’ll learn how to use the shape tool and pen tool to design custom shapes.
    You’ll know how to use blending modes, layer styles, and blending modes to create fun and unique projects.
    You’ll learn how to add and edit text to your graphics.
    You’ll learn how to save your Photoshop projects for print and web.
    You’ll HAVE FUN!


    Note that promotions may expire at any time!
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