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    What you’ll learn
    Better understand the fundamentals of how programming works
    Understand the fundamentals of how computers work and how that relates to modern web technology
    Choose what programming language and path they want to pursue in their career
    Understand and apply the 8 basic concepts of programming
    Evaluate, install, and modify any content management system
    Understand world technology trends like responsive design, pair programming, PaaS systems, and the growth of APIs
    Make a decision about what technology and ecosystem interests you
    Correctly understand and apply the concept of a programming framework
    Call out your friends for not knowing the difference between a framework, library, and IDE (they’ll love you)
    Communicate with others about technology in a way that doesn’t immediately give away your inexperience
    Impress your friends during drinks with random factoids about Bill Gates & Steve Jobs
    Finally understand the reason Comcast keeps billing you $29.99


    Note that promotions may expire at any time!
    Don't forget to give credit to

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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