O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition free license – Backup and automatic synchronization of files and directories

O & O AutoBackup automatically saves and syncs files and folders selected on external backup equipment so that data loss can be accessed immediately if data is lost. No additional applications are needed – just Windows Explorer will be enough.

This functionality is especially useful for users who until now were afraid to use backup software because it was too complicated or involves high maintenance. Joining a backup startup by connecting to a computer backup device allows the user to backup exactly when needed, for example, right after porting photos and movies from a digital camera

Backup options:
• Full Backup: All data is copied to external storage in a directory. This is always the first step to have full backup of all files.
• Backup of changes: All changes and new data will be copied. A new file is written every time, but the original on the external media is not changed. Files that have been deleted from the media are retained in the backup.
• Synchronization: All changes are implemented and deleted data will be deleted from the media destination.

To get O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition with free license you must visit this promotional page.


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